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With deregulation of activities and professions to better competitiveness of the economy

In the field of establishment of companies Slovenia achieves above average results in comparison with other EU member states (e-VEM) while the entry into the market requires major revisions and simplification of procedures due to the numerous requirements to be fulfilled and the need to obtain various licenses. Priority must be given to commercial subjects who have the know-how and the necessary experience in a way that it does not represent a administrative burden. In other words quality over quantity must be encouraged and administrative burdens must give way to knowledge and innovations. This will bring an important contribution to a greater labour market flexibility, reduction of grey economy and moonlighting and thus an increase of our economy's competitiveness.

For this purpose Slovenia is revising its legislation in the field of regulated activities and professions in the framework of the “Point of single contact” (PSC) project while on its 11 regular meeting of 30.5.2013 the government announced the decision on interim report on the realization of the first package of measures for the revision of legislation in the field of regulated activities and professions in the following fields:
-    small crafts (15 suggestions for the deregulation of the sector);
-    tourism (12 suggestions for the deregulation of the sector);
-    building (15 suggestions for the deregulation of the sector).

It needs to be emphasized that the goals were achieved in the field of crafts as Small business act was published in the OJ RS, No. 30/2013 from 12.4.2013. The Decree on determining craft activities and craft-like activities is also in inter-ministerial coordination, and the new proposal includes reduction of crafts or craft-like activities with craft licenses from 64 to 22 as well as elimination of 163 crafts or craft-like activities. The Decree also foresees the deletion of 47 activities for which neither craft license nor professional qualification has been required.  The measures in the tourism and the building sector must be adopted by the end of September.

The second package of measures for legislation revision has also been adopted, including detective activity, estate agency services, driving instruction activity, attorneyship, geodetic activity and veterinary activity. Decision of the government of RS called upon relevant ministries to implement the measures until 31.12.2013 and report to MIA.  

In the first and second set the working group addressed 120 activities and 25 regulated professions out of which 451 stipulated conditions for either a profession or an activity was detected and thus proposed changes to 15 legislative acts and 50 implementing regulations. The working group has also proposed 87 measures to eliminate administrative barriers and improvement measures.