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Study on e-Govenment and the Reductinon of Administrative Burdens

The ongoing Study on eGovernment and the Reduction of Administrative Burden (ABR) which is foreseen under the Efficient and Effective Government priority of the eGovernment Action Plan 2011-2015 has two main objectives: • to raise awareness among the stakeholders on the best practices and the costs and benefits of implementing the “once only” principle while designing eGovernment services; • to help Member States on how to implement this “once only” principle and on how to make electronic procedures the dominant channel for delivering eGovernment services. For these purposes, the first task of the Study is to identify, map into categories and illustrate the existing initiatives, policies or programs concerning the ABR and the ”once only” principle implementation across the EU 27 member states, 7 associated countries (Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Croatia, Turkey, Serbia and Montenegro) as well as other appropriate non-EU countries. In addition, three "best practice" countries will be identified. The second task of the study is to carry out an in-depth quantitative and qualitative cost benefit analysis for each of the identified "best practice countries". The third task of the study is to provide a long term roadmap, at EU and country level, outlining possible policy actions and implementation measures.