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Slovenia participate with OECD

In July, 2016, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia has (together with the OECD) committed in the framework of review and implementation of pilot projects in cooperation with international and national experts, to carry out two legislative processes in the most quality way, both in terms of process and content.

Ministry of Public Administration has taken over the coordination of activities related to the review of regulatory policies in the Republic of Slovenia, which will be carried out by the Committee for Regulatory Policy (OECD) in cooperation with international experts, between June 2016 and December 2017.

The reason for the review of regulatory policies is that the regulatory environment is one of the most important factors affecting the competitiveness of the Republic of Slovenia. Despite the quality of the regulatory framework the analysis will answer questions regarding quality related to the resolution on normative activities  (Official Journal of RS, no. 95/09) and the Rules of Procedure of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (Official Journal of RS, No. 43/01, 23/02 - corr., 54/03, 103/03, 114/04, 26/06, 21/07, 32/10, 73/10, 95/11, 64/12 & 10/14) in part where it relates to the implementation of the principles of better regulation, especially with regard to the definition of clear, specific and measurable objectives that are followed by the law, indicators and analysis, active involvement of external stakeholders at the right time, the implementation of ex-post evaluations, for new regulation as changes (amendments) and also for existing regulations.

With this purpose, the interdepartmental working group was established. Its members are appointed from ministries, the General Secretariat of the Government and the Government Office for Legislation. Ministry of Public Administration is the coordinator, while orientations on the content of the review is within the jurisdiction of the interdepartmental working group.

At the same time, the interdepartmental group was renewed to improve the regulatory and business environment and increase competitiveness, particularly in terms of concretization of tasks, improving the system of classification of individual measures in the collection and prioritization of these, raising the realization of the measures listed in a Single Collection of Measures for better legislative and business environment (www.enotnazbirkaukrepov.gov.si) and to improve communication and collaboration between different stakeholders.