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Report of implementing Smart Regulation

This Action Plan is a document which, on the basis of existing regulations, stipulates operative activities, programme goals and indicators, which will be used to measure the success rate of introducing and implementing the principles and provisions of better legislation. It contains the situation assessment of legislation in the Slovenian public administration and the public, and briefly highlights the development and efforts on the international level. Technically, as a managing body, it determines a permanent inter-ministerial working group which is composed of the Strategic Council and the Coordination and Steering Group. This duality ensures significant political support and efficient operations in the public administration itself and presents the way to stricter respect for the principles and provisions of better legislation policy. By enforcing better legislation, the following impacts can be achieved:
•    Enhancement of competitiveness of companies/the economy;
•    Enhanced openness of the market;
•    Improved living standards, and
•    Increased transparency.
The aforementioned impacts are reflected in:
•    Reducing the costs of companies;
•    Encouraging the business sector;
•    More efficient legislative regulation, and
•    Better legislation ensures improved fulfilment of commitments.