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REFIT Report

In December 2012 the Commission has set up a program for suitability and effectiveness of regulations (REFIT - Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme), proving Commission's commitment for simplefy, clearer, more stable and predictable regulatory framework for businesses, employees and citizens. REFIT program is designed to review all EU legislation, asses the burdens, inconsistencies, gaps or ineffective measures and prepare the necessary proposals for further work on the basis of the findings from the review.

Recently, on 18th June 2014, the European Commission published an annual review of the implementation of the Commission’s program on the adequacy and effectiveness of regulations (REFIT), stating that the mentioned program is running successfully, the EU legislation is actually becoming less voluminous, more understandable and cost efficient meaning that costs imposed by legislation on citizens and business are being reduced. In addition, the Commission updated the plan for the implementation of the program, as there has been a recall of certain proposals and classify of new initiatives to simplify and reduce the administrative burdens.

In the future, the Commission will monitor how EU Member States implement REFIT measures; results of evaluation will be included in the next annual review of the REFIT 2015.