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Qualitative effects of the STOP the Bureaucracy project

The final report have also shown changes weather measures are in practice implemented correctly and whether they are perceived by citizens and businesses entities, or is required to take any further corrective measures to improve the situation. These data were acquired by outside contractors with a population survey that must carry out certain obligations imposed on them by the State. Also possible further simplifications were suggested.

Promotion of the results is still ongoing, we began the promotion by addressing at the Government session and press conference (after the Government session), we provided information to all ministries, including a promotional brochure, which is pre-configured for printing accessible site STOP bureaucracy, or on a special website, which will also be opened specifically for the results of the reduction of regulatory burdens in the period between 2009 and 2015.

On the portal STOP bureaucracy and Facebook profiles, realized measures are regularly published in order to inform stakeholders about progress on the completion of the removal of administrative obstacles and better lawmaking. Promotional material was also published by other ministries, which were, with their own measures participated in the program of eliminating administrative barriers and better lawmaking. Ministry also use the results as presentation of the activities carried out over the years in various events with stakeholders.