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Progress on the project Slovenia Business Point in 2013 and 2014

In the second half of 2014 new web site e-Vem with upgraded content and design was published. The structure, content and e-VEM’s editing system have been harmonised with the site Eugo Slovenia.

The site e-VEM has become the single entry point for home business entities; in addition to electronic processes users have also access to comprehensive information on the conditions and procedures to start a business. Thus, entrepreneur can via e-Vem carry out certain electronic procedures related to the business with the State and at the same time get comprehensive information about doing business in Slovenia.

In the future, e-procedures will be systematically renewed and optimized in accordance with good user experience. Website e-Vem will be also tested from the aspect of the user experience.

Deregulation in the field of professions and activities is indispensable because it is an important measure that contributes to improving the competitiveness of the economy. In Slovenia there are over 300 regulated professions and additionally at least 300 activities. Professions are surveyed and published on the website of the ministry responsible for labour, when regulated activities have not yet been fully surveyed and have not yet been recorded in one place. Surveys in the framework of the project Single Contact Point will be the basis for analysis and for the renewal of legislation, and especially for the removal of barriers and simplification of procedures.