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How we will enable better regulation and business environment and increase competitiveness

Pursuing activities and achieving effects for improvement of business environment in order to increase economy competitiveness are essential for Slovenia. With a view to achieve greater synergy effects of measures which are also basis for the design of policies and programmes of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and to avoid reporting to various authorities on similar measures, to pursue unified coordination and consequently a much better effect on realisation, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia assigned the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (MEDT) and the Ministry of Interior to prepare a single document and conduct and coordinate the below mentioned projects and programmes for improvement of competitiveness and business environment. The individual documents:
- Agenda 46+ (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia),
- Small Industry Agenda (CCIS),
- Requirements of Slovenian craft trade (The Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia),
- Action programme for implementation of the Small Business Act (MEDT),
- Foreign Direct Investments (MEDT), 
- Action programme for elimination of administrative barriers and reduction of regulatory burdens by 25 % (MIA),
- Initiative of Slovenian Chamber of Commerce,
- Programme of measures to boost economy - 2012 (MGRT) and
- Managing Grey Economy in the Republic of Slovenia
have been replaced by a single document with concrete measures, commitments, proposals for solutions, providers and deadlines for realisation. For the first time, the documents will be unified and measures will be grouped by sixteen areas in order to pursue the goal of providing better business environment and increasing competitiveness of Slovenian economy. Reporting is also unified for all documents; Government of the Republic of Slovenia will be notified two times per year on the realisation of the single document. The single document aims to strengthen the focus on implementation of measures from the document (all the measures will be available at the same place) and on SUPERVISION of implementation (without overlapping or undefined and unclear competencies or accountability regarding implementation), which will be performed by the Government, i.e. PMK, MIA and MEDT on competent authorities, i.e. ministers, who will be obliged to implement the measures. The proposal for a single document, which comprises 245 concrete measures in 16 different fields in line with ministries that are responsible for the implementation, follows the commitments taken by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia in the national reform programme from 2013 to 2015 and constitutes the basis for long-term strategies (such as Slovenia's Development Strategy, Europe 2020 strategy) and the implementation of programmes planned by the Government and the competent Ministries. Organisational and legislative measures to optimise the network of courts and simplification of legislative solutions will be implemented for effective functioning of the rule of law. Implementation of adopted reform of the labour market will be reinforced by changes regarding labour and illegal employment, regulation of student work, minimum wages as well as regulated professions. Slovenia will stimulate the inflow of foreign direct investment and strengthen the presence of their businesses in foreign markets. In order to improve the business environment, effective procedures of spatial planning and obtaining construction permits will be established. Derivatives will continue with removal of administrative barriers and with measures for improvement of quality of public administration. A comprehensive set of measures for simple financing through Slovenian entrepreneurship Fund and the SID bank as well as business process for companies will see the improvement of conditions for growth and development of businesses throughout their life cycle. Due to limited budgetary resources to boost the economy, the EU cohesion policy funds will be the key source of investments. Forthcoming measures in Slovenia will be planned and implemented< in line with the green growth principle, the principle of green economy and material effective low-carbon society.  The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has appointed a permanent inter-ministerial working group upon the adoption of the single document to ensure better regulatory and business environment and increased competitiveness, which is headed by the Minister for Internal Affairs and the Minister for Economy – the main task is A TIME EFFECTIVE AND COORDINATED APPROACH TO IMPLEMENTATION; THEREFORE A GOOD THEMATIC COORDINATION AND ACTIVITY OF ALL MINISTERS IS CALLED FOR.