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Electronic support to the process of wage compensation of temporary absence from work through e-Vem

On 1 10. 2016 a solution for the electronic submission of the request for reimbursement of wages was established, which pursues a positive user experience from the example procedures for the registration of compulsory social insurance from 2016.. In addition to the many benefits that this solution brings, the estimation of savings that this solution brings for businesses and other entities was made. there is a significant savings in both cost and time, with more than 800,000 euros on an annual basis (in the case of deliveries of applications directly from the data records of more than 1.4 million on an annual basis), and more than 36,000 hours of work of employees.

Applications can be filed via e-VEM system with direct entry of data in electronic form on the web portal e-VEM or via a web interface, which allows the transfer of data from the user's salary system and its submitted through e-Vem.

Electronic submission of applications by e-VEM is voluntary and will therefore be only one of the possibilities. Applicants can choose if you will use the e-VEM or a classic, physical way.