The Doing Business 2020 report

Based on the Doing Business 2020 report published by the World Bank, Slovenia improved its score by +0.9 (76.5). Slovenia thus advanced by 3 places from 40th to 37th place.

The report shows that we still remain the country with the lowest company registration cost, 0.00 USD. The result has improved in the area of starting a business (the level of solvency margin has declined relative to GDP per capita), with a major leap in the area of ​​protecting minority investors (progress from 30th to 18th). Improvements have also been noticed in the area of ​​tax payment and resolving insolvency. Regarding public procurement, it is mentioned good practice of Slovenia that a part of funds is planned in the budget before the public procurement is announced.

The Doing Business report focuses on challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises in each of the 190 economies covered by the Doing Business sample and identifies implemented reforms that can enable a more efficient business environment. 

More information is available on the Doing Bisiness website.