Good practice

Together with your initiatives, we have so far managed to realize more than 300 measures aimed at a better regulatory and business environment. Most of them come from the "minus 25" program. So far, the majority of them have been realized in the fields of finance, statistics, justice and agriculture.

In 14 areas, 170 measures have been evaluated so far and 420 million EUR have already been realized. Measures were assessed in accordance with the Uniform Methodology for Measuring Costs (taken after SCM international methodology).

Due to the introduction of electronic and other options of communication, the following simplifications contributed to lower costs of procedures:

  • saving time for business and private entities and public administrations,
  • improvements in paperless business transactions,
  • less acquisition, issueing, treatment and storage of physical document attachments,
  • discontinuing record keeping,
  • updating of data,
  • reducing the possibility of abuse,
  • simplifying and shortening procedures.

Examples of good practices

Did you know, that you can change the address of your residence via the eGovernment portal? Did you know that you can extend your vehicle permit right there, too? And you can do all this without waiting in line!

eGovernment portal offers more than 180 different electronic roles in areas that span all major events in the life of an individual: from birth, schooling and employment to retirement.

A comprehensive system of free-to-use government support services for businesses under a uniform brand.

The SPOT system offers business entities, entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs new and improved electronic services, business consulting services, information and entrepreneurial training, and a wide range of services in the area of internationalization and foreign investment.

Did you know that from 1st of April 2018, full electronic bidding is required?

The implementation of the e-Procurement project enables FREE public procurement procedures to be implemented in "paperless" form from the beginning to the end.

All in one place and only once!

For businesses, all information about the conditions for doing business is presented in a user-friendly manner - simple, structured and clear. Increasing users' confidence in national online services with comprehensive, up-to-date and clearly presented content and procedures. Raising levels of transparency, mutual data exchange and efficiency within each institution.

Participation and consideration of various opinions are the basis of democracy. Your opinion counts! Participate in the preparation phase of regulations with your opinions, suggestions, remarks and suggestions, aimed at drafters of regulations and decision makers.

True power lies in the data. Let's open them together.

On the Open Data Portal of Slovenia - OPSI, you can find the metadata descriptions of all records and collections available to the public sector, which give insight into the functioning of the state. You can access open data, such as: who and for what purposes uses public money, levels of air and water pollution, trends in motor vehicle sales in Slovenia and hospital waiting times.

Portal nudi objavo interoperabilnostnih rešitev in izdelkov javnega sektorja.

Na enem mestu povezuje katalog interoperabilnostnih rešitev, spodbuja dobre prakse in ponovno uporabo.