The 11th of Single Collection of Measures

In March 2019, the 11th report on the state of implementation from January to December 2018 was finished. The subject of report were mainly measures for which ministries predicted that their realization will be possible in 2018 and measures which have otherwise long-term output but the ministries carried out activities which are necessary for their completion.

The realization rate of measures (362) set by the Single Document is the following:

    258 have been realized (71,27%),
    92 partly realized (25,41 %),
    12 not realized (3,31%).

Within the 11th reporting period, the Single Collection of Measures was supplemented with 19 new measures. Additionally realized measures in the reporting period is 28.

A comparison of progress between 10th and 11th reporting shows that the progress is suitable, as the Single Collection of Measures is constantly updated with new measures, realization of the planned measures is growing, as well as the measures for which ministries carry out activities in the direction of their realization.