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The Eugo Slovenia website in the excellent 6th place

In January 2015, testing of points of single contact (PSC) to support the process of obtaining permits to carry out regulated activities in the European Union was arranged by the European Commission. Slovenia also participated in the testing and was ranked 6th among 31 countries offering PSCs (http://ec .europa.eu/internal_market/eu-go/index_en.htm).

In PSCs testing, Slovenia participated with the website Eugo Slovenia/Slovenia Business Point, national business portal for providers of services from EU Member States, EEA and Swiss Confederation, wishing to do business in Slovenia.

Development of PSCs is based on the requirements of The Services Directive (The Services Directive 2006/123/ES), which prescribes the publication of the conditions for the provision of regulated activities on a point of single contact and the establishment of a system for licensing at a distance (e-procedures) for foreign business entities wishing to carry out activities in the single European market.

At this test, based on a predefined scenario prepared by the European Commission, each country should present how the user obtains right information and carries out computerized procedures to start a business through a point of single contact.

The Commission assesses the content of the portal, electronic procedures and determines whether procedures from the scenario may be carried via the Internet (an e-signature requirement, a possibility of an online payment, a possibility of tracking the status of the procedures, available support, how quickly it is possible to find specific information and how demanding it is to carry out e-procedures).

According to the overall assessment of the EEA Member States Slovenia is ranked 6th among all Member States, which is an excellent result, given that the Slovenia Business Point/Eugo Slovenia does not yet offer electronic procedures tailored specifically to foreign users.

In 2010, the Ministry of Public Administration has taken over the role of the development leader for establishing a point of single contact (hereinafter project PSC) from the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. Then, five years ago, we were ranked 24th in the development of the PSC according to the assessment of the European Commission, thus a significant progress has been made.

The Ministry of Public Administration has approached the project PSC comprehensively, not only from the point of view of achieving the requirements of the EU Services Directive, but also further afield. The user's needs and wishes have been set as the starting point of the project PSC, so all life stages of a business entity (I think, I begin, I do business, I close) are covered. In addition to the inventory and the publication of all regulated activities in Slovenia, our goal is to prepare a survey and publication of all regulated professions.

Within the project PSC also a development and upgrading of the website e-Vem for domestic business entities are implemented.

The project PSC is expected to be completed by the end of 2015, but it is planned to upgrade and continue the development of this project under the new EU financial perspective.