Single Collection of Measures

A Single Collection of Measures (SINGLE DOCUMENT ) is a web application, which contains specific identified measures, commitments, and proposals for solutions, responsible authorities and deadlines of realization. With the document we standardized measures of several strategic documents, which have been logically joined by sixteen areas, which pursues the objective of creating a better business environment and increased competitiveness of the Slovenian economy. Also, there is a unified reporting for all documents, while the Government submit reports on the implementation of a Single Collection of Measures three times per year.

The application allows you to:
-    navigation regarding implementation nad realization of the measures in a transparent way,
-    simplification of the the collection, monitoring and processing of data relating to actions and the preparation of reports on the implementation of measures from a Single Document,
-    easy export of data to Excel,
-   a uniform (standardized) and transparent reporting to the Ministry and other departments.

It is a major asset in the process of monitoring the implementation of measures to improve the business environment. Mentioned tools offers an up to date overview of all actions and supervision of implementation. In addition to the substantive descriptions there are also available graphical and tabular displays of individual measures.
With this tool, ministries can report to the Government many times per year about realization of measures. We can also inform our employees more frequent about the deadlines, progress, and the current update status on realization of measures from a Single Collection of Measures.

Next to the accurate monitoring, the tool also allows editing and concretization of the already existing measures, priorities, deadlines for the implementation of responsible authorities and the areas to which the measures relate. Ministry has also enabled independent entry and monitoring of new measures and content editing of existing measures and tasks as well as all associated data, which was previously only possible for the Ministry of Public Administration as coordinator of a Single Collection of Measures.

Renovation is also carried out in relation to the identification of areas in a manner as defined by the World Bank (12 areas GCI - Global competitiveness index) related with the annual report "Doing Business" and the recommendations of the European Commission, namely CSR7 in context of improving the business environment and reducing business barriers.

With the progressive introduction of new functionality we want to achieve that the ministry will managed and monitored all measures affecting better regulatory and business environment only through a Single Collection of Measures.