About the Portal

Within the scope of its better legislation policy, the Republic of Slovenia has started to actively implement the principles of preparing regulations better in order to achieve greater competitiveness for small and medium-sized companies, as well as to increase the satisfaction of citizens who cooperate with the state due to various life-related events.

In October 2013, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted a single document to ensure better regulatory and business environment and increase competitiveness. More...

The single document is a document with specific definitions of measures, commitments, proposals for solutions, leaders and implementation deadlines. For the first time, the single document contains standardized measures of several strategic documents that are logically grouped in sixteen areas, which pursue the objective of creating a better business environment and increasing the competitiveness of the Slovenian economy. Also a unified reporting for all documents will be established, the reports on the implementation of the single document will be delivered to the Government twice a year.

Upon reception of the single document, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia has also established a permanent inter-ministerial working group to ensure a better regulatory and business environment and increase competitiveness, led by the Minister of Public Administration and the minister responsible for the economy – the objective is accelerated and coordinated accession to implementation, therefore it is necessary to establish a team integration and operation of ALL MINISTERS.

It is important that the achievement of the objective pursued relief of the economy and citizens of EUR 362 million per year over the entire five-year period (representing a total savings of EUR 1.8 billion) and the implementation of the Action Programme in relation to the capital employed in the implementation of the program, we can conclude that, for each euro invested in the implementation of the Action Programme, to save the economy and citizens EUR 1200 in terms of relief of these stakeholders.

The project is partly financed by the European Union, i.e. by the European Social Fund. It is implemented within the Operational Programme for Human resources Development 2007–2013, development priority ‘Institutional and administrative capacity’, priority orientation ‘Efficient and successful public administration’.

Purpose of the portal establishment

The purpose of the portal is to provide current information on the programme implementation, publish best practices (at both national and EU levels) and reports on administrative burdens in an individual regulation (act, rule,…) as measured in the programme, and to convey additional proposals from users for simplification in order to achieve the greatest effect possible regarding the pursuit of the objective of reducing administrative burdens and simplifying procedures by 25 per cent and, consequently, of simpler and more transparent legislation.

The web portal includes:

  • The website
  • The national database of measurements of administrative burdens in the regulations of the Republic of Slovenia, and
  • The system for the administration of comments.

For whom is the portal intended?

The portal is intended for all entrepreneurs and citizens who, either in the business process or everyday life, have contact with administrative procedures where they encounter obligations they have to fulfil to meet the requirements of legislation. In addition to entrepreneurs and citizens, the portal is also intended for persons preparing regulations and others employed in the state administration encountering administrative procedures.  Thus civil servants preparing regulations, the wider expert and interested public, business entities, and citizens are of key importance in preparing and realising the objective of the project. All interested parties have the opportunity to have an insight into the uniform collection of data on administrative burdens in the fields defined in the ‘Minus 25%’ Programme, and to participate in, and co-design, preparing better regulations by contributing actual proposals about what should be modified or simplified.

National database of administrative burdens in regulations

The web portal provides access to the national database of the measured administrative burdens which are imposed on citizens and entrepreneurs by regulations. Selection between various extracts regarding individual burdens (regarding costs and time) is also possible.

Currently, the database includes 71 acts and 996 administratively burdening executive acts from 14 priority areas. The database allows the addition of new acts and, most importantly, amendments to regulations, which will enable an evaluation or calculation of the net effects of amendments on regulations and their administrative burden. Extracts from various reports from the database provide the user with information on all obligations imposed on him or her by a certain regulation. The option to select an obligation considering the regulation, field or ministry also exists. The user may acquire information on all activities he or she must perform to fulfil the obligations imposed on him or her by a certain regulation.

It is also possible to obtain extracts considering the type of obligations (record keeping, reporting, marking, supervision, etc.) and entity (business entities, citizens). Information regarding burdens, time consumption, obligations and activities at the level of individual life events or content sets (e.g. the acquisition of a building permit, school enrolment, etc.) is also available. 

Considering the data from the database, it will be simple to assess how certain modifications (e.g. reduction of frequency, exclusion of micro companies, elimination of a certain obligations, simplification of a procedure by reducing necessary activities, etc.) would influence savings (in terms of value and time).

Collecting proposals for reducing administrative burdens via the portal

Via the web portal, users may submit their proposals for eliminating burdens and simplifying procedures, whereby two-way communication with users is enabled. After being published on the portal, proposals or comments will be assigned to the competent ministries, which may then express their opinions on the proposals and comments, or their implementation in amendments to regulations, while users will receive feedback regarding the reply. Comments will be published and available on the portal by publishing the status of an individual proposal, whereby sorting according to individual fields or competent ministries considering the individual regulation to which a proposal/comment refers is also available.

Monitoring the net effects of amendments on regulations

The basis for adopting the new Action Programme is the result of preliminary conclusions from analyses performed on the basis of the original Programme for eliminating administrative barriers (2009) and a series of new incentives by expert and interested publics. 

Currently, the fourth stage, i.e. the procedure of normative amendments to regulations on the basis of the measures adopted is being performed. Within the fifth stage of the Action Programme, the actual state of the set objective and programme realisation will be established.

The realisation of the objective set for ‘Minus 25%’ for each individual line ministry, checking of which will be possible on the STOP the bureaucracy web portal at anytime, will be monitored through the national database on administrative burdens.